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To register (create) or use our site Kairde.com (with or without an account), you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service as outlined below. Failure to follow and adhere to these terms can lead to immediate account suspension, deletion, or other actions as deemed neccessary by Kairde.com and agents acting on its behalf.

Privacy Policy

We take user privacy seriously and think you should too:

Terms of Service

To use our site, or make an account you agree to our terms of service, as outlined below:

1. Be Nice: Do not use our site to harrass, intimidate, inpersonate, or otherwise be malicious or harmful/hurtful to others (these are determined at our sole discretion, just be nice to people). Conduct yourself in a lawful and polite manner, please.

2. Hold Harmless: By using our site and the tools included, you accept any and all risk associated with them to your personal data (do NOT use or save sensitive or personally identifiable information with our site). You agree to assume all risk, and legal liability, and hold us harmless (or as harmless as the extent of the law allows. You agree to be responsible for any legal or other excessive costs that we (Kairde, and agents of Kairde) incur due to your misuse of these free services; see term 1: Be Nice.

3. We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service to Anyone: If you break the terms of service, use this free tool for illicit means, or otherwise don't abide by rule 1 (be nice), we (at our sole discretion) reserve the right to suspend, terminate, or delete your account and prohibit you from using our site. Furthermore, any illegal activity may be reported to the authorities as deemed necessary; see rule 1 (be nice) for general advice on how to avoid this.

4. Right to update terms: We reserve the right to update, change, modify, and/or delete our privacy policy and terms of service with or without notifying you (the user). To see our most current posted Privacy Policy and Terms of service click here

5. Strike Clause: If any of our privacy policy or terms of service are deemed non-binding, or otherwise struck down, we assert that all other parts not struck down remain, and that any parts struck down are reinstated in the closest to original form as deemed appropriate.

Kairde Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

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